Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Phone Call

We got to talk to Colton on Christmas and he is doing amazing. For all of you that might worry.....he is still the same funny Cole. He was telling jokes and making us laugh throughout the whole call. Cole also sent us a Christmas package which was really fun. He sent the girls some purses, Con and Stock got soccer jerseys, Cameron got a pipe....for all his smoking haha. Spencer and Suzy got a painted plate and table runner and I got a doll and a bracelet and Brad got a really cool wooded flute....decoration only.
We had a great time with all his gifts and especially when we got to talk to him. It was the greatest.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Alyce or Momma Alee

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

WHOOO!!! Christmas time is hear! Freak I love it!! And to let you know, I got the package and I am sorry to say I opened my birthday presents! hahahaahahhahahahahhaha the card had to have been the best part. It made me remember how funny my family really is and it made me that much more excited to talk to you all in 6 days! What the freak!
Enough talking about that or this week is going to go by slow. Ok well this week was a really good week. and if you were wondering I think I am considered famous now in Guatemala. I think a picture of me was in the newspaper. haha ok that is a lie I don`t know but we did a parade this week down Main Street Coban! We all dressed up in Israel clothing and we marched behind a donkey with Mary and Joseph and we sang Christmas hymns! It was probably one of the coolest things I have done so far here in Coban. After we all met up in the Plaza and we did a skit of Samuel the lamanite and the birth of the Savior and what happened here in America. It was really cool and we had a lot of people come. I was the angel that appears to Samuel... I know I know surprise surprise. haha. But it turned out really well and at least we planted the seed into the hearts of the people here in Coban.
We also had a really cool experience finding a family this week. President has asked us to make sure we are focusing on finding families because as we know, the family is called of God. The day before we had the District Conference with President we were walking down the street and there was a couple of people lifting an entertainment center so we asked if they needed help and they were happy we came. We told them who we were afterwards and they said they would be happy if we came to the house. We went to there house on Saturday and her and her husband with there two small kids were there ready for us. They had millions of questions and we gave them a book of mormon and they said they would read it!! We found a new family!! It was amazing and they had an interest in everything we said. It was an amazing week and this week is going to be so great especially because I know that I will be talking to the my family at the end! I love you all so much and I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!! haha I love you bye!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Out of Power!

Hello famiy!!!
Well you all sound like you are doing really well! I understand that sometimes you think your lives are boring but here is the thing! I want to know what you all are up to! Hannah thank you for the details. I would also like to make sure you all know that I love you very much. I have felt so much support from everyone and it really makes things so much better because on those days that are rough, I always know I have my family right there, all of you! Oh and today I heard Taylor Swift in McDonalds. haha
Well a lot has happened this week and first I would like to tell you the story about what happens in Guatemala when the power goes out. Well I went a day with out power, and you may all be thinking, a day with out power? That is not a big deal. Well my water in my shower is heated by electricity. Ask me how that went. If you can imagine, ok I don`t want you to imagine me in the shower but I was in and out. Haha it was a pretty funny day. It was really cold outside and that night we went to a place in my area called Chinimlajom. It is about 30 minutes from the house by foot and with out any lights lighting the way. It was a little frightening let me just tell you! I was in the jungle with out lights. The bright side to this story is we went there to teach Marcia who was baptized on Friday! haha ok it was a bad situation just really funny. We didn`t have anything to cook because well we couldn`t cook so we ordered Dominos. haha that was a real treat!!
We also had the baptism of Marcia like I mentioned. We had to teach her all the commandments this week so we had to visit her everyday. We had some really good lessons with her and it was amazing to see how much she understood why we do what we do. She shared her appreciation a lot with us and she really is an amazing convert to the church. Yesterday after she was confirmed she took the sacrament and as she sat waiting for it to be over she started to read the book of mormon. She can`t read spanish very well so it is a slow process but her desire to know is amazing. The gospel really does make people have a desire and it changes peoples lives.
Also yesterday was the Christmas devotional and we went around inviting everyone to go. We had an investigator that was referred to us by a guy in the ward. We taught her once and she said she would really like to go to the devotional. I couldn`t think of anything more perfect than having someone who is not of our church listen to the prophet talk about the birth of the savior! It was amazing and I hope you all watched it! The mary in it was pretty by the way. haha
Well that was my week! It was a little long and a lot of work but it was great! This Sunday we are going to the stake to watch the Temple in Quetzaltenango be dedicated and it is going to be great! I am super excited and Pres. Uchtdorf is going to be down here in Guatemala!! Whoo!! I am really excited and the people are so excited to have a second temple in their country! It even came out in the Guatemalan news paper as "Mormon Temple Open House!" haha
Well I love you family! Thank you for all you do!! Stay happy! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Staying in Coban...Yeah!

Hey Family!!
Well I am doing well and it sounds like you are doing really well over there. You sound busy and that is what I like to here. Well you are all probably wondering how changes went down well, you don´t have to worry. Everything in Coban 2 is staying the same. My companion and I are together again and I am really happy. We have a lot of work to do here and I am excited for this new change! This week was a really great week minus it was very hectic and not my favorite. The baptisms that were planned all fell through because they are not ready. We had felt that one of them was not ready but he confirmed that for us so now it is just more teaching and praying that he progresses. The other two are ready we just can´t get him married... it sucks. But hey we saw him in the Plaza and he is still optimistic so I am hoping things will go well for him this week!
The thanksgiving dinner was so great!! We had a turkey that was amazing and I took a picture but sadly the computer won´t let me show you, it is what happens in Internet Cafes. It was a lot of fun and it made me think a lot about the family so I am hoping to see so many pictures of the Thanksgiving up there. It would be the greatest. We also went to President Fraatz´s birthday the next day and had another Thanksgiving dinner. He is the old stake president in our area and was mission president in Nicaragua. It was really great so this week was filled with a lot of food. It has been nice and I heard it gets worse. Tamales and ponche everyday baby. I am going to get so fat, but hey it is Christmas in Coban and that is the best thing in the world! Here in Coban the church does a parade and the elders are involved and everything. They do a nativity scene down main street so I am pretty excited about that. It really is going to be a great change and I am going to party hard!! haha just kidding I meant to say work. Well to tell you about the area...We are working with the Coronado Family. They are 18 and 21 and married. We contacted them and I can´t remember if I have told you all about him but they are progressing really fast. They have some doubts and weird questions but hey I think that is all part of it right! We had some really good lessons with them this week and I am hoping that they progress like crazy! We are also teaching a 23 year old girl named Marcia who is progressing also. She only speaks kekchi, Q´eq´chi!! I am learning a little here and there but not much. I am trying to get a little down so the sister that is helping us doesn´t have to translate everything but it is a very pretty language. They now have a triple in Kekchi. It is great!! The people here are very blessed for it and the church is growing pretty fast here!
Yesterday we had a Conference and Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Holland spoke!! It was amazing and what was great was Sis. Torres was leading the music! It was amazing to see her and I know she is the happiest to be able to come back to Guatemala! When Elder Holland bore his testimony in Spanish it was amazing and I knew the people here were very touched by it. Marcia came and she really liked it.
Well family everything is working out amazing! The work is great and I love my mission. It is ballin and it really is so great to be here! I love you all family! Elder Colton Steamberry Llewelyn

Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Hello family!!
Today has been an amazing day and this week has been amazing!! I went and bought all the Christmas presents today and I hope that you all will like them. It is kinda crazy stuff but hey! I am in Guatemala! Everyone sounds like they are doing really good except for Alyce and her sewing machine part. haha tell them to be nice and to think about what they´ve done... haha ok I don´t have very good advice on this one. Well this week was a good one. We worked hard and we are now teaching two Kekchi women who don´t speak any spanish. haha it is really hard but they are both learning and one is reading and that is because the other can´t read. The triple is now being printed in Kekchi and it is amazing! haha not like I understand or even read it yet. We had three baptisms scheduled this week and I am very excited. One is Jose Barrios. He is 23 and is now ready to be baptized!! He is great!! He was the first investigator I met here and well we had to put ourselves pilas as they say here and he just needed a little push! The others are Wily and his 13 year old daughter! They are great and they have been waiting a long time for this. We have to get them married first which has us a little worried but we have the plans to baptize them this week hopefully!! Today we will be celebrating Thanksgiving!! We paid a sister in the ward to help us out and we are having thanksgiving as a zone!! Whoo!! I love Coban and I love my family! I hope all is well and that you are all still feliz!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Great Week

Hello the best family in the world!
I would like you to know that this Monday has been amazing. It was so nice to hear from all of you and all your letters were amazing! You all sound like you are doing really good and I`m doing really good here! We put another baptismal date so now we have 3 baptisms for the 19th of November! It has just been a really good week and I am loving this change but I am a little sad that it is ending. We are already in week 5 and who knows what is going to happen. I don`t want my companion to go. We have the same time and we get along really well.
But for a relapse of what my week consisted of, well the excited things because as a missionary things happen but it is what I do everyday. So that you all know Otto Perez, mano duro, won the elections. President Watts said that we could leave which wasn`t bad but outside of our house at about 10 o clock last night there was fireworks crazy things happening outside and yelling and car horns ambulances and all that jazz. Haha it was pretty funny. Both my companion and I had a good laugh because we just thought, well it`s Guatemala. But for a good spiritual experience, here is a good one. Well on divisions with one of the teenagers in the ward we went contacting. We contacted a young couple and they told us that we can come back. We scheduled an appointment with them for the next day, we passed and they weren`t there. Well a couple days passed and we had a busy day so we asked the priests if they could do divisions and they left. We passed by the house again and they did not accept us but we scheduled an appointment with them again, it is what happens in Guatemala but I felt like there was something there. We my companion and I passed by the next day and we had an amazing lesson with them. They had a lot of questions and the sister told us, I don`t have a lot of trust with random strangers but she looked at me, pointed and said but I felt something that said I could trust you. This family is very young. She is 18 and he is 21 and they are married. They don`t go to a church right now but they told us they weren`t sure which is the one that was true. It is like a Joseph Smith story. I know the Lord is blessing us.
This work is amazing. It is full of miracles and I know that with the support I have that the families here in Guatemala are being blessed. I love you all. You all enjoy your new Justin Bieber Christmas CD while I am here eating tamales and ponche for Christmas!! Whoo!! haha I love you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Second Baptism

Hello family!!
Happy Halloween!!
This week has been really really good. Everyone sounds like they are doing good and I am happy to hear that Hannah is now able to kiss random strangers and she is certified to do it! (Hannah is CPR Certified...)
The hunt sounds like it went really well except for the fact that you didn`t shoot anything but hey! There is always next year right? This week went by really fast and I feel like this change is going by really fast! I have been here now for 3 weeks and it feels like it is flying by. I love Coban and I don`t care who knows it. I am having trouble with the computer and I would like to add photos but I think it might have to wait until next Monday. The baptism went really well. Pablo was really excited but he was very nervous and he has reason. His family had told him that they would kick him out of the house if he was baptized but he did it anyways. He has a family here in the ward that is very supportive of him. They entire family showed up and I think that helped him out as well. We also had 3 other 8 year olds that the parents had asked us if we could teach them. They were all baptized and it was a really great service. The ward put on everything and it was way nice. This ward is amazing and the people here and very supportive. All in all the baptism went really well. The rest of the week was filled with hiking in the mountains and going from one edge of the earth to the other! haha there is a lot of walking. It takes about 3 hours to walk from one end of my area to the other, that is why we don`t do it. These boots are a lifesaver and I am rockin them.
I also went on divisions with Elder Nelson this week after district meeting. It was a pretty good time. We were teaching a lesson and we had brought one of the young men in the ward who is preparing to go on a mission with us. Well I was teaching a principle to a less active sister in the ward and a chicken decided to walk into the house, it is normal don`t worry, what is not normal is when the young man we brought picks it up when we are teaching and begins to give kisses to the chicken. haha only with Elder Nelson would weird things like this happen. We are also teaching a couple of fairly old people and well the sister doesn`t really respond to my questions why? she only speaks kekchi and I don`t understand a word she says haha so those are my pretty good stories of the week.
Today was a sister in our zones birthday so we all got together and hit the piñata in the shape of a sister missionary. It was pretty funny and then we went to a nice pizza restaurant and there was a group of europeans and they were talking in english, I said hi and I got scared because I don`t know how to do missionary work in english. It brought on some good laughs.
Well that was my week this week. This place is amazing and I love where I am. The baptism was a miracle and it was awesome to see all of the kids get baptized. It reminds me of my baptism yet I don`t remember it very well I just remember how happy everyone was. I see now why and what an amazing step that is in someones life if they really understand the significance of baptism. We take upon the of Christ because we know what he did for us in Gethsemane and we believe in the words he taught us and maybe at the age of 8 we are not quite sure what that means we just know what happened is real. I love this work and I love Guatemala. It has it`s funny points and all like when I was shopping in the store this morning there we two live chicken just hanging out on the coat wrack but it is something you just grow accustomed to!! haha I love you family!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Amazing Coban

Well Coban is still amazing are the most beautiful place on Earth. We had a really good week this week! It is weird to think that all this happened in one week because it feels like it has been forever but it has been a good week. Tuesday we were supposed to have a Zone Conference with Elder Amado the 2nd counselor of the Area Presidency but in Salama there was all these holes in the road a the road collapsed and we will just say that it was a rough trip for President and Sister Watts. We ended up having to do divisions with the Elders from the Polochic because well they live 8 hours from Coban because the roads are horrible so I took my companion for the day to some parts where they speak Kekchi. We walked for about an hour until we reached a little village of some Kekchi people. It was really cool to listen to them all speak Kekchi. I only could pick out a couple words that I am learning but that is my goal right now is to work on my Kekchi. haha It is beautiful. Oh and I got to spend a lot of time with Elder Cheney and it was the greatest. He is the best companion I have had, and I think that is just because we started this thing out together but it was fun. He is loving the Polochic but he just hikes and hardly showers because well you can`t always find a shower over there.
The next day was the Zone Conference and it was awesome to hear from Elder Amado. He is a great guy and well he can talk. We were there from 9 until 3 in the afternoon. It was pretty crazy but it was a really good conference. We also found a family that has a lot of good questions but only the husband. The wife can only speak Kekchi but they both have a desire to get baptized. It is a little difficult because it is hard for them to understand everything but she is just going by what she feels and that is the purest form. We also had to go to the Central of Coban to a thing that was like the DMV. A lot of lines for different things. haha is was pretty funny. We are helping a couple get married so they can get baptized and we had to get some of their papers. It was a good time and after we ate at Pollo Campero for free!! Whoo!! It is the KFC of Guatemala and well Guatemalans loves them some fried chicken.
We have a baptism this week!! I am excited for that. There are three 8 year olds getting baptized from the ward and then we have one investigator but all the families have asked us to come over and teach their 8 year olds so has been quite a week! But our investigator is super ready. He has a strong testimony and it has only taken this long because he just barely turned 18 and his parents wouldn`t sign the papers and he just had his birthday!! It is awesome. His name is Pablo Oxom. (in english Pablo Ochom) His name is kekchi.
I love my area! I love my mission! OHHH I also completed 8 months! TIme is flying by crazy fast. I still feel very new but there are a lot of people who are newer then me which is interesting to think about!
Well I love you family!! I hope all is well and know that I love you all! Les amo y no se precupen, Elder Llewelyn es practicamente endigeno!! haha I am practically native now! I climb through jungles and just have a good time!! haha

Monday, October 17, 2011

COBAN in the Highlands!

Hello my wonderful family!!
I AM IN COBAN!!! The most amazing place in the world. Alright so I will start from Wednesday so you guys don`t miss anything! Well Wednesday was change conference and I was announced to go to Coban. I was freaking out a little bit just because, well you all know me, the unknown scares the poop out of me. We hopped on a bus to take us to the Capital of Guatemala where we were to get on a bus that would take us here to Coban. We left from the Cap at 1. The whole way there I was just wondering what on Earth was going on. I had a friend that was going back to Coban, well not really Coban it`s salama, but he was just telling me all about it. I was excited because they told me there was a McDonalds and well... I needs me some Big Mac. The drive took a little while longer than I had a expected and we didn`t get to the ZL´s house until 7. We got here and I was taken back. It was a city but very different from the City I am used to. It has small streets with small shops everywhere and there is a huge mall right in the entrance of Central Coban. Well the best news is coming... Elder Nelson is my ZL!! He got a change from Coban and we were thinking we wouldn`t see each other for a while but he got a change from Peten to Coban and he is my ZL!! It was the best reunion anyone has every seen! After everyone had arrived we all went to this restaurant to eat and after we all spent the night. We woke up and we went to my area. It wasn`t too far from the house and my companion is really great. His name is Elder Opazo. He is from Chile and we have the same time in the mission but he just has more time in the field, well because he didn`t have to learn a new language. We got to the house and I was very surprised. It is really nice. Maybe not like you guys think is nice but from Guatemala missionary nice. I have a nice shower with hot water which is a nice plus and it`s running water which makes it even better!
We started right off and my companion took me around to meet some of the people here. It is amazing!!!! My area has a little bit of the central and city but then it goes way out. It is huge and it is a third jungle. It is beautiful and so that you all can imagine it, Imagine you are walking down the street of gooseberry but with more people on the street but the houses are all on the hills, woman are wearing their corte and carrying tortilla dough on their heads. It is amazing. It is so green and muddy. It rained every single day and I`m sorry but I had to buy me a guatemalan umbrella. It is double umbrella and it covers my whole entire body. It is pretty great. My boots are amazing here especially when I have to walk in mud at night when I can`t see a thing. The ward here is amazing. The houses are very different here. They are still made of cement but they all have tall roofs which is very different from the cap. The don`t have many houses of lamina just mainly wood if they can`t afford block. sorry cement. The speak Kekchi here but most speak Spanish because they are trying to perfect their spanish but I am learning a little bit of kekchi. The ward is amazing and the work is great. People are very accepting and they let us in the house. We contacted a little store in the middle of no where and she told us to come back on Sunday at 7 in the morning. We weren`t sure if she was really wanting us to come back but we went anyway right before church. Her husband and her let us in and they seem like they have potential. He has a problem with drinking and we just talked about the plan God has for us. It was great. We have a baptism on the 29th of a teenager who is pilas. He has come to church 11 times and he is just ready.
Today was another great experience. Tomorrow we are going to a conference here in Coban and so all the people from the Polochic had to come down today!! I saw and ate Subway with Elder Cheney today!!!!!!! It was amazing and he is loving the Polochic. His spanish is suffering he told me but that is just because he only speaks Kekchi. He is only in jungle and he told me that there are times when he can`t make it back at night and he just has to stay at members houses. I don`t want to go there but he seems to really like it. hahaha he told me that sometimes they can`t shower and well he has given up on trying to find deodorant over there so... haha he is great.
I want to all to know I love where I am. It is a wonderful place and I know that I need to be here. I am in Coban 2 and in the Coban 2 ward. It is a ward and it seems very strong. The teenagers always are willing to go out with us and it is just a nice area. I couldn`t have asked for a better change and it is crazy to think that all the poop that happened last changed happened becaue I am so hapy where I am. Know I Love you all so much and that I am so grateful for the support you have given me. I couldn`t ask for a better family.

Monday, October 10, 2011

TRANSFERRING!!!! But Where????

Yes family! It is true! I have my first change in my mission! I don`t know where but I know that I will be changing! I will go to the change conference this wednesday and I will go to my new area from there! I am really excited. I have learned a lot this change and I have enjoyed myself but it is time to leave my La Leyenda land. I have loved it and the members and my investgators have been great. I will miss it very much but I am excited to get out and experience a little bit more of Guatemala. This week has been a little slow. Week 6 is never good down here. It is sad but I guess it is something I have to experience.
I am getting very excited to go. The time went by really fast this change and it is crazy that I have my first change! I feel like I am leaving the CCM all over again. I also heard some great news and got an amazing email from Anaika. I am so excited for her and it makes me feel better that we are going to be doing it at the same time! This change I have learned patience. I have learned a lot of español and I have learned just a lot of different things. I have learned so far in my mission that you will not grow unless challenges come but I have also learned that God is blessing me no matter what challenge I have. I am here in Guatemala and who would have expected that. I love the people down here. I have seen and experience great things in La Leyenda and I know they will all make me a better instrument in the Lord`s hand. I am excited and know i love you all so much! Thank you for the amazing support I have from the best family in the whole wide world!

I love you family! See you in a week and I will not be in the Maya Internet cafe... or maybe i will. You never know. It is like waiting for the next episode of the Survivor. Love you all. Elder Colton Llewelyn

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy Week

Hello Family!!

Well from everyone`s emails it sounds like this week went pretty good! This week was a little strange it kind of felt like we were living on an episode of one of those MTV Reality Tv Shows... haha. This district is a little crazy but I am hoping today will fix some things.

This week was also just a little strange in general. We had a rough time finding people to teach and the days seemed very long. Although I was told 1,000 times that the people down here already know God and they are content. It was a little rough hearing that so many times because I know that there is more for them waiting they just haven`t quite accepted it!! We are going to work even harder this week I hope and we are going to see some more people who are ready to hear this gospel.
I also had my ward mission leader sing to me this week one of my personal favorites, My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas... It is funnier when they have an accent! haha it was really funny. This ward is pretty funny in general. I am really good friends with a lot of the people here and I love my area. It is going to be hard to leave but it will also be cool to experience more of the mission and meet the different people here!!
Yesterday we had to stay in all day because of the elections because I heard it is a little crazy on these days. So we just stayed in all day and our garage has now turned into a tortillaria!! Whoo! It is just girls that make tortillas all day. It is pretty great because I get tortillas at anytime I want!
Well I am hoping that this week is a little better in the work departments. I love this work and I love who I am here. I am learning so much and my testimony is growing everyday. I know Jesus Christ lives and has an everlasting love for everyone. Thank you family for all the love and support! Elder Colton Chapin Llewelyn

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello dear family!!
I will begin to say that it has been a long week. But a good one in a way. Tuesday Elder Nelson and I spent our day saying goodbye to all his peeps here in La Leyenda. I ate a lot and it was a really good day actually.. but I knew what was happening the next day. He was leaving and we have just had a way fun change together. We go to change conference on Wednesday and he and Elder LaPray had their interviews... Well here are the results. Elder Nelson is in Peten in the jungle as a district leader and my dear Elder LaPray is in the office. They are so far from me but I can do this... haha. Ok but I really do miss them.
Well my companion is Elder Plata! He is Elder Proctors old companion and he just moved houses to ours down the street. We entered into this area and so we have the same amount of time in this ward. He has 19 months and he is from Nicaragua. He is really cool and I am really excited about this change. My spanish is improving which is really nice! haha maybe when you guys call me in 3 MONTHS, I will chat it up in Spanish... hahaha.
This week was also a little difficult just because change weeks are a little crazy. If you recall the sister we were supposed to baptized, well we couldn`t find her to save the life of us. She came to church yesterday which was really nice but she hurried and skidoodled before we had the chance to really talk. She told us she would meet us at the church at 5 but she didn`t show up... so now more searching!! I am really excited for this week though! We are going to work our little bums off and we are going to spread the good word!!
Well I don`t have a lot of cool or exciting stories to tell you all! I will have to make something way crazy happen this week so I can tell you a great story!! The ward here is amazing and I am happy I am still here! I love this place and there is a big piece in my heart for the people in this place! Well I love you family!!  Elder Colton Steamberry Llewelyn

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hey family!!!
This week was another good one and it sounds like it was a good one in Utah. Oh good ol` Utah. With it`s mountains and valley, what a great place to be. haha just kidding I thought I would bring back the song I learned in 4th grade! Well this week we set another baptismal date!! Whoo!! We now have 4 people with baptisms coming up and one of them is on the 27th of this month! I am getting really excited but it is kind of crazy how fast time is going down here! Hannah turned sassy seventeen and spencer is practically an old fart. Soon he`ll be asking for you all to grab him a diet coke or something... haha just kidding dad. I will be happy to grab you a diet coke anyday, we can`t drink it here.
It rained really hard this week and everything was way flooded. We were running in the rain to an appointment and the bridge that we use was just a river so we couldn`t cross anywhere. It was really cool but kind of a bummer because I just get way soaked and once you win one white tee shirt contest the rest is just not fun.
I made the cookies that you sent yesterday and they were amazing! The bishops family quite enjoyed them too and you guys provided for a guatemalan fiesta down here so thank you very much! Well family I love you so much! Have a good week and pray for my investigators! They need them right now as they are preparing!! I love you!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Companion!!! (Elder Andrew LaPray is Colton's Cousin)

Well this week was kind of a crazy one! We had changes and I got a new companion! It`s Elder Lapray`s old companion!! It really has been pretty great! We had a kind of a crazy week! I got really sick the night before the change conference and I didn`t get any sleep and I had to call the nurses at like 12 at night. It was super awkward, I had to tell them that I had Montezuma`s Revenge. I think Connor might have experienced that! So after change conference I had to just go sleep but then the next day I was fine and we worked hard and my new companion got to know some of our investigators which is really good! But then the next day I got sick again and the nurses got a little worried so they told me I need to go to the lab! If you know what that means! Whoo!! But we worked for the rest of the weekend and we had some really good lessons. I am thinking this change will be a really good change! I am excited and I just have an amazing feeling about it. We are going to get Alejandro`s wife baptized!! That is our goal!!

But Andrew had another baptism this week! It was awesome! President Watts and Hermana Watts came and the whole ward came because they have been coming to church for 5 years and have been waiting for this day for a long time! It was awesome! I hope that my companion and I will get our investigators to say yes to the b word! We have so many potential just people who are a little nervous around a baptismal font... This change will be a change though! We are going to have awesome success!
I am looking forward to this change and I am excited to have some awesome success! Last change was a little hard but we are going to work hard and get it done yo! Well I love you family and I hope everything went amazing at the cabin. I thought about you a lot! Have a good week and pray for my investigators!! I love you all so much Elder Llewelyn

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a Fun Week

Hey family!!
Well it sounds like everyone is having a really good summer. Right now I am having a really good winter! They call it winter because it rains but it only rains when it gets to the point where the humidity is almost too much to handle... Haha you got to love Guatemala!! This week was probably one of the best weeks on the mission. It is going by a little slow this week but I think that is just because a lot happened... So here is what went down herr...
I HAD A SLEEPOVER WITH ELDER LAPRAY!!! It was the best day! We got to go on divisions because my companion is district leader and that means he has to go on divisions with everyone in the district! It was the best! We worked hard! We found a new family and... we ate guatemalan ice cream(be grateful for coldstone) and we pushed our beds together and it was a really great night! I hope he sends home some pictures! I made stir fry and everything and then in the morning we had pancakes!! It was really great!
This week we also met a man named Juan. He is probably the nicest man I have ever met. He lives alone in a wooden house that he made! He loves having us over and so we went over 3 times this week! We taught him the Restoration and he loved it. He went to Ward Conference with us yesterday, which might I add, in Guatemala Ward Conferences are the coolest! They had like a 50 person choir. The chapel looked amazing and it was just really amazing! But Juan loved it so much he will be returning next week! We asked him to be baptized and he wants to investigate a little more but I feel that he is going to be baptized because he is just that great!
Also we had a kind of crazy experience. We decided to go to Juan`s house all of the sudden but he wasn`t home so I suggested we go up to another investigators house. We made our way up there through the jungle.. haha jk it is only half. But he wasn`t home but we talked to a lady that her daughter was investigating the church so we set up an appointment with them the next day. I was excited so we went to ask a member that lived across the street if we could have the lesson in the their house. We get to the member`s house and the member told us his son was really sick and he needed a blessing. We gave the blessing to the son and the family was a little on edge. We were their for about an hour and there is where I realized something very important. This family struggles to find money for their next meal. They have been sealed in the temple and are faithful members. They live in a 2 bedroom house and the brother was telling us crying that they just don`t have the opportunies to find a job. About five minutes later after things had calmed down, the brother told us, "There is something that we have been thinking about and we are trying to save up a little money to make you elders dinner." Then and there I realized the love these people have. They struggle for 3 meals a day but they want to make us dinner and that is one of their concerns. This place is amazing and these people are amazing. I am very blessed to be here. I sometimes think that it would be much easier to be at home but then something like this happens and I know I need to be here. I love this work and I love being a missionary in Guatemala. I wouldn`t choose any other place and I know my calling is from a prophet of God. I love my Savior and I want to share this love with the people here!!

Well that is my crazy week!! It is the last week of my second change! I have almost been on my mission for 5 months!! What!! I don`t want to leave my area! I love it here!! I hope Janet sends some pictures of the great sleepover!!
I love you family! Always remember to pray for the people here because many members down here are praying for my family up there!! I love you so much!
The Elder Llewelyn

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family!!!! Whoo!!! Well your I feel like I`m am missing out on a lot of fun. Horse rides for hours , watching the water spill over and having to only walk like 20 feel and your on the dock!! I really hope it is like that when I get home!! Well we have a new mission president! I have not met him yet but he is official as of today!! We went to the temple this morning and it was the most amazing thing ever. Really that place is amazing! and I understood everything is Spanish! Whoo!! I hope everything is going great back at home! It sounds like life is going pretty good! Thank you so much Alyce for the package! It probably won`t be here until the next change conference which is in three weeks! We are half way through this change! I really don`t want to leave my area because I love it. But Alyce to answer your question... No... There is absolutely no animals. It is quite sad actually. I have mountains by my house and I wonder sometimes what is in them but I have not seen a thing. I see goats that hang out in front of the church everymorning. There is the occasional pig and a duck every now and then. It is kinda sad but they have this bird up north that is called the quetzal. It is very rare and you will find it in some of the paintings of King Noah and Abinidi. It is beauiful and everything is named after it. haha.
Well we are working with this kid named Carlos right now. He is awesome and he has been going to seminary for a while now!! Whoo!! We talk him the Plan of Salvation this week and he had questions about the law of chastity... that is always fun. haha we are also working with Brother Alvarez`s wife! That means we will have baptized a family!! It really is amazing to see the change in their lives. They have a son who is handicapped and life is a little stressful for them but they are so much happier now that they have the gospel in their lives. I love this family and I hope I`m here to see her baptized!
Well yes there has been a lot of changes and a lot of changes are to come! It has been a hard 2 changes but so rewarding. I love this work and I love this place. Minus the smells... and the scary dogs. Thank you family for all the support. This would be very hard with out your emails everyweek and you do not know how much they mean to me!! I love you family!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father`s Day and Happy Anniversary! I would first like to start off by saying dad I love you so much. There is one thing that I can`t stop doing on my mission and it`s thinking about you dad. I hope one day you will realize the impact you have made in my life. There are some very dark days in my mission where I just feel like it`s time to come home and the first thing I think about is you. You really are the biggest strength in my mission. I love you and I hope that you had a really good father`s day. Second if you didn`t do anything for your anniversary I hope you still had "fun". hahaha.... If you are thinking right now... he`s a missionary and shouldn`t be saying this... Well I`m still Colton Llewelyn and I make the joke that we should be handing out more chastity pamphlets especially to the dogs.
The white handbook it states do not be preoccupied with writing your family everyweek!! How can I not!!! My family is the best thing in the world!!! This is the thing that keeps me going so please keep on sending them! Well if you were wondering! MY HALF BIRTHDAY AND 4 MONTH MARK ARE ON THURSDAY!! This week was pretty good! We found two people who are ready to be baptized but one has work on Sunday and the other is 16.... Which makes things difficult but this week we will make them a for sure date!! I was also thinking that for my half birthday I am going to go all out and buy a Fanta grape flavored in the glass bottle and maybe buy some Tortrix to top it off!
Today while shopping in WalMart I recieved some very good advice from a 67 year old man. He said,"Woman are like the ocean." I feel that one day he will be famous for this saying... haha ok he just talked to us for 30 minutes. That`s the way in Guatemala. If they see a gringo (white person) that is preaching the gospel they think that means they just want to talk about Jesus so they talk, just them, for an hour. I can usually get in a word but it is usually adios. It is very rainy here. It rains everyday and the streets turn into rivers. I like to imagine myself frolicking in the street but no we just contact houses and they usually look at us like we are crazy. Your standing in a river asking if you can come into my house.
Well I love you very much family and I hope all is well with everyone!! Have a good week and thank you for sending the photos of the cabin!! That really is the craziest thing! I wish I was there to see it but I`m here in Guatemala preaching the word!!!!

Elder Llewelyn

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 16, 2011

(We told Colton that the lake is really high at Scofield so......)

That is unreal! I want to see a picture of the lake! It`s never been like that before! I love Scofield and I look at the picture often of that great place! Well family! This week has been really great as usual. We had not a lot of success but we are hoping that this week is going to be better. But don`t worry Brother Alvarez is doing great. His wife fed us this week and it was really good! We had beef rice ooo and my favorite fried platinos! They really are a grand treat down here. I have also grown a hefty liking to green mangoes. They are unripe mangoes and you put lime and salt on them. Super rico!! I also heard the new Britney Spears song on the bus today! It is always a heavenly treat to hear those songs. I know I`m horrible but I have grown very fond of Justin Bieber on my mission. Every time I get on the bus I get to dance to Baby! The latinoes in my district love the song and they like to sing it with their accents.
Ok I didn`t realize how uneventful my week was until I started writing.... Well you win some and you lose some I guess! We are working with the 17 year old girl and she is really excited about the church and she`s told all the members she wants to be baptized but she still hasn`t told us. We try and go by her house but she`s never there! Well I love you family and thank you for all the support. I feel it when the times get hard!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Baptism

 Well everything went really really well at the baptism. I had to baptize him 4 times if you were wondering. Alejandro Alverez Chub was his name. We are now working with his wife. She will be baptized shortly I hope. I hope I looked skinny in my photos. I felt like I didn`t but I go somewhere and everyone tells me how much weight I`ve lost! This is for my future wife. I hope everything is going well at the house.   Well after the baptism we went to some appointments. We saw I kind sir sitting on the grass with his dog so we started to talk to him. We sat down with him and we were teaching about the restoration. Well about 5 minutes in I started to feel a little bit on my finger... That dang ant. and then I felt another and another. I sat in an ant hill... I had to run back and take a shower. Bahahaa! That was a funny experience! Oh and if you were wondering, alcohol makes a Guatemalan know english. Everytime a drunk man stops us he stops us in english. But when they talk to us sober it is in Spanish. Oh alyce!! I need to learn some recipes using a just a stove! Help me! I can`t eat pasta everyday! haha! I love you tons family! I hope all is well and if not, remember, you could have flees like me! haha I love you family! I love my mission and I love this work! Oh and if you were wonder! I made it past my 100 days and my first change all in one week!! I love you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Week of May 22nd

How are things back at the old house!! Well things are going pretty good down in Guatemala! I had my third meal from a member! It was really good and if you were wondering I didn`t realize how much my different my eating was until I tried to attempt seconds. I used to be able to eat a whole salad at Cafe Rio! Oh Cafe Rio... we won`t talk about that. Well this week we had a lot of people back out on us... That was a little disappointing because that means we have to walk and find people which means I am soaked with sweat and I think it scares to little Guatemalans. We had a really good lesson last night and one of the requirements in our the new study plan is I have to take the lead in the Plan of Salvation. It was incredible and the Spirit was very strong. That is what keeps me walking up those Guatemalan streets is those lessons. My dog has vanished and doesn`t live in the front of my house anymore. I`m thinking that he died which is sad because it is very likely. Everyone sounds really good! Thank you for all the emails! I love this day the most because I get some really good emails!
A bird came into our house this week... It was weird and I was a little paniced but he acted like he had been here before so he just showed himself out. Well I realize that is the case because the next day the same thing happened. It freaks me out.
I`m am hoping we have our first baptism next saturday! I`m getting really excited and I hope everything goes really good! We talked to him and his wife about temples this week and it made me so excited for the both of them. I hope that she is baptized shortly after but we will just have to see where the Spirit takes her. Well I love you all!! Elder Llewelyn

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Well the formatting is changing because Colton is writing personal letters now instead of a group letter so I will kinda just sum things up. Cole is doing great. He's been in the field now for almost 2 weeks. We got to talk to him yesterday for Mother's Day and he sounded great. He sounded very happy. He likes to ride the buses. He says they are crazy and packed with people. The bus driver is crazy because he gets paid by the stop so the more he stops the more he makes thus, he drives like crazy. On his one P day so far he went to Walmart and Taco Bell. There is also a McDonalds close by. Colton says that he feels safe in his apartment because there is an outer gate with a key plus a key to the apartment. His email address is

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Week of MTC

This will be the last of the emails till next monday. My new p day is monday so SURPRISE!! I still haven´t left. I leave tomorrow at 8 in the morning to the mission home with everyone. I´m super duper excited I can´t wait for this to finally start. Well my latin companion is still not nice. I call him 50 cent but he doesn´t understand. He´s a thug and wants to shank me. Haha just kidding he´s humble when he needs help and then he´s just thug the rest of the times. I´m only a little nervous because I don´t want to live in a house made of monkey skin, oh and one area takes 9 hours to get to and I don´t think that sounds like fun driving in a bus for 9 hours unless I convert like 12 people but I can´t afford that many BOM so.... Pray for me!! Oh that is a lie I want to live in a house like that. I want to be out of the city because I don´t want the noise anymore, and the bug bites. At least there they will spray the windows and sheets here in the CCM I just have to live with being able to draw Orion´s belt on my foot. I hope everything went fun in California. I´m sure it did but I´m sure you all missed seeing me in a swimsuit. What was the weather like and my friend Elder Willardson, Andrew´s Companion, wants to know what side of Coronado is Carrie´s house. Thank you so much for the Easter!!! Best Easter I think I´ve ever had. We watched El Salvador Del Mundo which was amazing. It was Nephi´s vision of the Savior´s birth in spanish and there was good music to it and it was just great. I hope I get the chance next week to finally send some pictures in an email and I hope that you got the scripture I wanted. I didn´t get mail last week because of Holy Week so I just got mail from two weeks ago today and I don´t know how mail is going to work...  Oh and that address I think is wrong.. whoops. It was the one on my luggage and I´m not sure it´s right. It is in my missionary book! Well Happy Easter family and I hope you had as good of a day as I did. I love you so much and I can´t to tell you all about the Jaguars and Monos... Les amo a mi familia. Gracias por su ejemplo y por su amor. Gracias por su suporte y su diligencia en las cartas. Este Iglesia is verdadero y Jesucristo sufrió mucho para nosotros. Love you all!!

Elder Llewelyn

Easter Week

THANK YOU S o much for the pics!!! They were so great!!! I felt a sense of relief and yes alee... I feel that every wednesday. but today tuesday because of HOly week... The temple is always good. my comp and I decided to go spanish again and it was just us and andrew and his comp and the hermanas everyone else went english. Spanish is coming along great and the next time I write to you I´ll be in The real guatemala!!! I´m getting pretty excited. Sorry that this email might be a little shorter which shouldn´t matter since you´re all off partying in Cali!! WHOOO!!! Well yesterday we went contacting again and it was yet again the best experience ever. We had 14 references and people are so open and interested in what we have to say about God. It really is amazing. I love the people down here. Oh and hannah... the bag is very chic. very. Tell the happy couple congrats and Suzy looked beautiful! My new sister. who would have thought I would get three sisters in two years... It´s like christmas! Well family I hope you have having some good times and thank you so much for all you do! OH I forgot! I got your package and I forgot that Easter wasn´t here yet so I opened it... Sorry!! I love it though and thank you so much!! Tell grandparents I say hi!! Oh and make sure everyone knows my new address!!
5th Avenida 5-55 Edificio Euro Plaza, Torre 2
15 Nivel, Oficina 1504, Zona 14 (guatemalan computers don´t have an enter bar... new line.) Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.(new line) Guatemala.... Well that is my mission home address. Thank you all for your awesome letters and I hope next week I can make the emails more personal because I will have more time on the computer... or maybe I will have no electricity so tough luck for me!! Oh we watched a video last week of the north mission and some apartments look native!! WHOOO!!! I´m so excited and I can´t wait to tell you all the cool things and all the new friends I meet!! Well family thank you for everything and I expect another email next week!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Coltons Letter, April 13, 2001

My family!! Well I have now written an outline for this letter!! I hope that it makes it go by faster so I can get everthing I want to tell you and maybe I can answer all your questions!! Yay!! Haha well Dad you seemed to have the most questions which is good because it gave me a reason to make an outline. Well the CCM is small but really nice. Everything is really nice and we have a big gym and two basketball courts all to ourselves. We get to go everymorning. There are about less than 60 of us. The food is great and the hermanas that cook are the greatest. Plantinos and frijoles. The temple is beautiful and we get to walk up there two or three times a week and across the street is a think called CRE it is an house that the church has bought and it is just rooms with couches and we have our progressive investigators and we are filmed and we watch our progress. Last week we went exploring around the CRE house and we went on the room... it was great. Across the street is the distribution center so the church owns a ton of stuff around here and the only thing keeping it all from being the churches from the CCM to the temple is a gas station. Mail really does come only once a week and i´ve realized all your dear elders I think are a week behind me. You can email me if you want and I will print it out and just turn it off... i know. it´s cheating but it works. Haha. Well I think I want Moroni 9:6 for my plaque. I didn´t realize how long ago you wrote that. Sorry... This outline thing will work better. Tell grandma and grandpas that I can write them on email. I write grandma and grandpa goff every week so I can be more instant with everyone now. I really like the blog Idea and i hope everyone isn´t sick of hearing how much I love Guatemala. Everyone sounds like they are staying pretty active!! Lacrosse, horse back riding... lake powell... oh how I miss lake powell.  I think I get an hour to write out in the field. That was to answer hannah sorry my outline sucks. Well here is some of the small events in the week... I passed the sacrament to Elder Hinckley. He came to Guatemala and spent a sacrament with us and gave us a Devotional after. It was incredible. It was like seeing President Hinckley. I did a Spanish session in the temple... That was crazy cool. Everything was hard and I felt like my brain was going to explode because I was translated sentence after sentence. Oh and our mission presidents came this week!! Pres. Torres and his wife are amazing people. They are so nice and they talked a lot about how much the people are accepting, but then we had a safety meeting two days later. Bahaha. I thought that was funny. And now for the best thing to talk about!!! I´m getting a new sister tomorrow!! I want some pictures in an email so bad!! I´m so excited I´ll wear an extra nice tie and it´ll be like Im there!! Have fun tomorrow family and I´m happy to say that my brother is fulfilling the theme of General Conference. Oh and don´t expect me single for long when I get home, it´s a commandment. haha it´s a good thing I promise. Well family I love you all so much. Thank you for everything and I can´t wait to hear from you tonight when I get the Dearelders! Felizidades Suzy on going through the temple. Maybe we can go through a spanish session when I get home. I feel like I can only relate to you now because we are both latin. Haha just kidding but I love you all and have fun tomorrow!!!!! I wish I was there so bad to see my brother get sealed but hey I know that we can go to the temple for eternity!! WOOO the gospel is true.

Elder Llewelyn

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coltons Letter, April 5, 2011

Sounds like Colton had a very fun week.....

WOOOO!!!! I just got home from the marcado central!!! It was the most insane thing ever!! Dad I have some pictures you will appreciate. We first went to a 3d map that was huge. It was mapped by Guatemalan Surveyors and it is a whole 150 foot long map that shows all the elevation of everthing in Guatemala!! It was so insane!! Elder Rogers one of the supervisors here told us about how the Book of Mormon fit into Guatemala! I am currently in the Land of Nephi if you were wondering and there were maps of where all the ruins are and most of them are in my mission but I won´t be close to any volcanos which is a little disappointing because Elder Meoño has them all in his mission. After the map we went to the market. The people were the greatest and a drunk man wanted to know my thoughts on Albert Einstein I told him he was bueno. I didn´t understand a word he was saying and his spanish was worse because he was drunk and had one tooth. I was also laughed at by a crazy man across the street. He told me he was already going to Heaven. I respected him. The market is the greatest place to be. If you come down Dad and Alyce just know that we are going there. The food looks crazy but the mangos and avocados are the size of a newborns head. Literally I saw a newborn next to one. There was dried fish and a huge pig head just sitting out and it smelled of death and wrotting cheese. I got some pretty great stuff for way cheap. Everything is cheap I bought a knitted poncho for sixty quetz which would probably be around 6 american dollars. I wish I could have gotten you all something but I´ll be able to at the end of my mission. Hannah I was looking at some great bags that is all the rage down here and I hope you like it when I get it for you!! Next we went to the mall which is a nicer mall then in North America. It was 4 stories and my district ate at Chili´s!! WHOO!! We have the place to ourselves till tomorrow afternoon when new latino and n. americans come!! It was a little sad saying goodbye to all the latinos because they were some of the greatest people. We had one last piamatha which is a sleepover in spanish. I got the coolest soccer jersey and I will have  you know that I am now a fan of the beautiful game. We were in Chili´s and everyone was going crazy!! Go Madrid! Well this week has also been one of the most spiritual weeks here. Conference was amazing and it was literally Christmas. I got so much out of it that I would never have gotten out of it unless I was a missionary. I know that the Prophet and Apostles are the mouth pieces for the Lord and I know that we can get our answers from them. My favorite talk was C. Scott Grow´s about the Atonement and I especially loved Elder Bednars. He always gives a good message and that is the second time I´ve heard him talk about the Spirit in that context and I know that is what I needed to here. I love you family so much. I love your letters and I want you to know how much I appreciate them. My week is brightened when I get them. Thank you for letting for the example you are all to me. Alyce thank you for your letter. I don´t know when I got it but thank you for worrying about me. I don´t need anything down here. Hermana Steimle takes really good care of us and she makes sure we are all safe. That is the beauty of it down here. The president and his wife know us each by name and know who we are. The are amazing people. I love you so much family!! If this is posted on my blog tell my friends that I don´t have a clue when they will get their letters but they´re are sent!!! I love you all so much and I love this gospel!! I love the people I met down here even the one who smacked my are today and called my a gringo!! haha they are 4 feet tall down here. They have nothing on me.
Elder Llewelyn

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coltons Letter, March 30, 2011

Well I won´t get any of your dearelders or pouch mail till tonight but Thank you family for last weeks Dearelders!! It was so great that night and reading and hearing from you! You all sound like you are doing great!  Well let me just say that I love it here. I love it more than anything except for Utah. It is my home and people always make fun of me but I like to sing about Utah. Utah with it´s mountains and valley´s. What a great place to be!! Well let me just tell you about my week. It was exceptional if you wanted to know. We got to go proselyting on Monday. It was the best day of my life. I experience some pretty crazy stuff. We went out with our Latino companions and even though I didnt understand much I still got to bear my testimony and smile. That was great. But our teacher felt that we needed more referrals so we went out again but this time it was E. Meoño and I. Yes two N. Americans with little Spanish and not knowing where to go. We walked into a neighborhood and we talk to the first man we see. He realized that we knew little Spanish and yet he was still interested in our message. The Spirit was like nothing I´ve ever felt. My companion rocked it and I asked him if he´d ever read the Book of Mormon. He replied No, I´ve never had one. A smile came to our faces and we just shared our favorite scriptures with him. We gave him his first book of Mormon and he wanted more visits with the Missionaries. I wanted to cry but my smile was too big. I got a taste of what the next two years is going to be like but our next referral was a different story. He was talking to us and rambling on in Ketchee or something and I had no idea what he was saying. I testified to him and my companion did the same and we told him about the book. He prayed about it in front of us with the book held high in his hand. Hahahahaha oh what a day. I hope he receives the message! My spanish wasn´t so hot though. Well this week will be the final week with our Latino companions. They leave next Tuesday and let me just say that they are going to be amazing. I am going to miss them so much. They are the funnest people and so loving and patient. They are so willing to help with our Spanish but next week we get new ones. The language is coming slower than I´d like and that is why I´m working on patience and dilligence.  I went through the Guatemalan temple and it was one of the best experiences I´ve ever had. It is so beautiful and small.    Well that about sums up everything that has happened this week. I miss you all so much. We got to talk about our families and I was so excited to show everyone our family pictures!! I love you so much family. Dad thank you for being who you are. You are the most amazing father and the most amazing example of love and support. You are so humble and that is what I will strive to be like. I love you so much. Alyce thank you so much for the Dearelder. It was so good hearing from you and I love you so much. You are everything I could ask for and I know that you are a shining blessing in my life. I don´t have a lot of time left but to my siblings. Oh how I miss you all. I can´t describe how much I miss being around the house with all of you. You are all truly amazing and what an amazing support group I have. Tell the grandparents hi for me and let them know how much I love them! Till next week my amazing family! Don´t think that I´ve lost my funny, I still laugh way hard here and i still like to party. Connor I hope you are dating a lot of girls because you have to make up for me too. Oh how I miss the girls. haha just kidding!! Girls are gross. Love you family!!

Elder Llewelyn

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coltons Letter, March 23, 2011

Ay mi familia!! I want you all to know i´m loving it here. It is the best. That first day was hard but it was over and now it is great. I love the Latinos. Lo esta fiest en mi cama todos los noches!! I hope everything is going great. This week has been quite an adventure. If you like hearing sirens every couple of seconds and car alarms. The roads are crazy here... my english is horrible now so i apologize if i mess up. The food here is amazing. I eat frijoles todos los mañanas. It is pretty crazy. And we drink this juice everyday that is made out of melons and papaya. We had the most amazing teaching experience yesterday with my companion and I. We did this thing where we go into a house and talk to a fake investigator but the play this role and we decided to not draw out a lesson plan and just go with what we thought was best. The spirit was insane and my companion and I spoke the best spanish we could. My latino companion is great. His name is elder salazar and he is from guatemala going to honduras. He doesn´t speak any english so it´s difficult to get to know him  but i love it. My spanish is getting so much better and I know why i´m here. This is the best place. We get to go out and do service every saturday morning and the little girls want to talk to us but I have no idea what they are saying. I smile and say bien.... haha. We have this market thing every wednesday and i hope you know... that i´m rich. I currently have 900 quetz. haha ok it´s not that much but I feel rich. I wish I could send some stuff home but I will just have to wait to get the family stuff. International mail comes whenever but dear elders and pouch come wednesday night. Just make sure to only put colton llewelyn not elder. My favorite word is puchica. It is guatemalan slang for dangit. I use it more than I should but it makes the latina hermanas laugh because I pretend to fall up the stairs and say it. My gringo companion and I laugh all day. We are pretty funny. My district is great and we get along way good. I´m currently senior companion so I make elder meoño wash his clothes by hand. bahaha just kidding. But will you let people know I can get dear elders and pouch!! I love you so much family and I love what amazing examples you are. Yo se que Jesucristo is nuestro Salvador. Yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial y nos ama mucho. Yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta verdad y el traduce el Libro De Mormon. Mi testimonio es poqueno pero mi español es progresando. Give everyone my love and I don´t know how to send pictures but I´m sure I can figure out sometime!

Elder Llewelyn

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He's There

Mi familia!! I´m here! I have reached Guatemala. I´ve been here since 6 this morning. I didn´t get any sleep on the plane I didn´t dare talk to anyone. They all spoke Spanish... I was a small fish in a big world. We got to Guatemala and the first thing I see coming out of the doors was a small man riding on a skateboard using his hands to push himself. He tried to sell me something but I said no gracias. I´ve said that a lot today!! There are guards on every corner with guns. I will convert them one day. The people here are very friendly except they look at me like I´m an alien. I´m so tired that I can barely concentrate on anything. I have two companions. One for Spanish class and one for everything else. He´s latino. I don´t know who he is but I´m sure he´ll be great. They are only here for three weeks and most of them are going to other central american countries. I sat with one and I had no idea what he was saying but he told me that Shakera was really famous and he told me he likes country. Haha it was a really great day. It is beautiful here! It is so green but the city is so noisy. The templo es muy bonita and we get to do a session there. That freaks me out a little but I´m sure it´ll be great. It is going to be a really hard next couple of weeks I can already tell. I have my first shocks of homesickness and I hope it doesn´t stay. I really like the MTC President here. He is from Sandy so that is pretty dang cool. Well I can´t wait to here from you all! I hope that everything is going great and I can´t tell you how amazing it was to talk to all of you.  It is strange to think that this is my home for the next to years and quite frankly I´m more terrified then I think I´ve ever been in my whole life. I don´t understand spanish. I can´t seem to remember anything that I learned in the MTC and right now that place sounds like a dream. But I know I will learn to love it here. I know it will all work out but I´m sure Dad and Spence can relate that when it hits it hits hard. I miss you all so much. I´m so happy everytime someone brings up my family and they want to know about you. Thanks for everything!! I can´t wait to send home some good pictures. I love you all and I can´t wait to hear from you next wednesday.
          Elder Llewelyn