Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, October 10, 2011

TRANSFERRING!!!! But Where????

Yes family! It is true! I have my first change in my mission! I don`t know where but I know that I will be changing! I will go to the change conference this wednesday and I will go to my new area from there! I am really excited. I have learned a lot this change and I have enjoyed myself but it is time to leave my La Leyenda land. I have loved it and the members and my investgators have been great. I will miss it very much but I am excited to get out and experience a little bit more of Guatemala. This week has been a little slow. Week 6 is never good down here. It is sad but I guess it is something I have to experience.
I am getting very excited to go. The time went by really fast this change and it is crazy that I have my first change! I feel like I am leaving the CCM all over again. I also heard some great news and got an amazing email from Anaika. I am so excited for her and it makes me feel better that we are going to be doing it at the same time! This change I have learned patience. I have learned a lot of espaƱol and I have learned just a lot of different things. I have learned so far in my mission that you will not grow unless challenges come but I have also learned that God is blessing me no matter what challenge I have. I am here in Guatemala and who would have expected that. I love the people down here. I have seen and experience great things in La Leyenda and I know they will all make me a better instrument in the Lord`s hand. I am excited and know i love you all so much! Thank you for the amazing support I have from the best family in the whole wide world!

I love you family! See you in a week and I will not be in the Maya Internet cafe... or maybe i will. You never know. It is like waiting for the next episode of the Survivor. Love you all. Elder Colton Llewelyn

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