Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Week of May 22nd

How are things back at the old house!! Well things are going pretty good down in Guatemala! I had my third meal from a member! It was really good and if you were wondering I didn`t realize how much my different my eating was until I tried to attempt seconds. I used to be able to eat a whole salad at Cafe Rio! Oh Cafe Rio... we won`t talk about that. Well this week we had a lot of people back out on us... That was a little disappointing because that means we have to walk and find people which means I am soaked with sweat and I think it scares to little Guatemalans. We had a really good lesson last night and one of the requirements in our the new study plan is I have to take the lead in the Plan of Salvation. It was incredible and the Spirit was very strong. That is what keeps me walking up those Guatemalan streets is those lessons. My dog has vanished and doesn`t live in the front of my house anymore. I`m thinking that he died which is sad because it is very likely. Everyone sounds really good! Thank you for all the emails! I love this day the most because I get some really good emails!
A bird came into our house this week... It was weird and I was a little paniced but he acted like he had been here before so he just showed himself out. Well I realize that is the case because the next day the same thing happened. It freaks me out.
I`m am hoping we have our first baptism next saturday! I`m getting really excited and I hope everything goes really good! We talked to him and his wife about temples this week and it made me so excited for the both of them. I hope that she is baptized shortly after but we will just have to see where the Spirit takes her. Well I love you all!! Elder Llewelyn

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Well the formatting is changing because Colton is writing personal letters now instead of a group letter so I will kinda just sum things up. Cole is doing great. He's been in the field now for almost 2 weeks. We got to talk to him yesterday for Mother's Day and he sounded great. He sounded very happy. He likes to ride the buses. He says they are crazy and packed with people. The bus driver is crazy because he gets paid by the stop so the more he stops the more he makes thus, he drives like crazy. On his one P day so far he went to Walmart and Taco Bell. There is also a McDonalds close by. Colton says that he feels safe in his apartment because there is an outer gate with a key plus a key to the apartment. His email address is