Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost time for a Call

You sound like you are all doing amazing and everything is going well. It kind of freaks me out that the school year is almost to a close because that just means the time is going by faster and that the next year is beginning and it is going to fly just like this year went. Well I guess that is how it is. I am super excited to hear from you all next Sunday!! I feel like I just talked to you and I am super excited. Okay well what I was thinking is that you can call me at 3 in the afternoon. I get out of church at 2 30 so I think that would be great!!
This week was a pretty good week. I feel like it has been a little bit harder opening an area but I really have seen the difference here that we have made. God really has blessed us here and it is amazing how he has put people in our path if we just do what he wants us to do. We have been contacting like crazy and it is paying off. We have some investigators that are really progressing. Elder Kilts and I found a family that I feel like has been prepared. The sisters called us from the other ward and told us that they had contacted a family and they told us to pass by. We found their house and that wife answered. She told us to pass by the next day and that is what we did. We got there and had an amazing lesson with them. About a week or 2 passed without seeing them and we finally got a hold of them and we taught the first lesson. It was amazing how the Spirit had already touched them. The husband told me that he was grateful that we had brought him the truth! Miracles happen! It has been kind of a stressful change but I feel like we made some really great changes here!! Elder Kilts and I are together for another 6 weeks and we are going to live it up.
I sent a photo of my good friend Elder Kilts and it has a great story behing it. Well on Friday night I decided to get a little adventurous and make us some tacos. Ok we all know that I have never been the best cook but I made them and they tasted great. I woke up the next morning with what we like to call BOO. It was horrible but it stopped there. I got out of the shower feel fine and then I felt like I needed to sit down. I felt horrible and I couldn´t do anything. I just decided to sleep but I woke up at about 3 and felt like I was going to throw up. Well that is exactly what I did and it was one of those time when you do it until nothing is left... haha it was the worst. I don´t think I have ever experienced something so bad in my mission. So my comp and I decided to just stay in that day. Well that was a very boring day and my comp had not experienced a day like that. So to entertain ourselves we began to take some pretty great photos! haha but don´t you worry. I am all better now, I know now that leave the cooking to someone who can and that if I am going to cook, pasta is just fine.
Well that is my week! It was another week in the mission field but it was a good one. I am excited to talk to you all in a week! Have an amazing week and talk to you soon!! Whoo!!!

14 Months!

I would like you all to know you can now count on your hands how many months I have in the mission! I am so scared now! But don´t worry, I got my new suit and I look smokin. Due to all this walking I will have you know that my butt actually shows in my pants now. and now in my slighly tight new suit that looks like I could be working for J Crew. Just saying.
Haha well this week was amazing. I will all have you know that my companion is the best. He is the funniest kid ever and we are just having the best of time here in the capital. I will start out with a funny story.
It was about 8 o clock at night and we had to be at a meeting with the bishop. Well an older man stops us and asks us if we could take him home. Well being me I felt bad so I started to help him home. I then realized he had a problem with his legs and then I realized ope he was a little under the weather. He began to tell us all these stories and asking us all these questions while I am just looking at all the people looking at us with a look saying what in the world are missionaries doing with him. He then asked me if I believed in Darwin´s theory of monkeys and then he started to act like a monkey in the street. haha I just turned the other way and started walking to the Bishop´s house again. It was pretty funny and I thought it was a good growing experience for Elder Kilts.
I do have another great story. I sent a couple of pictures of our house and I haven´t really said much about it but it is a health hazard. haha so we have been looking for a house and we finally found one! It was amazing because we had heard about a house that was for rent but we couldn´t find the right one. We started asking around in the neighborhood, which is a gated community, and we asked this lady and she said she was but it wasn´t the one we were looking for. She told us to come and look at the apartment she had and we saw it and we really liked it. Just about a minute before I prayed in my heart that we would find the house but God had a different plan and found this house for us. To top it all off the real owner of the house called me a couple days later and was talking in English. He is living in Canada and he is a bishop of the church of there! haha well God answers prayers because he knows we need out. This week Elder Kilts and I having been on a rat hunt. We have two giant rats living on our back porch and we have tried poisoning them and trapping them but they are too smart. They mock us by pooping in our trap.
Also this week we have been looking for investigators. We found a family that was in the area book and we have been trying to visit them for so long and we finally found them. We show up and the mother and daughter have been reading the Book of Mormon and the mother asked me to find a part in the Teachings of the Prophet George Albert Smith book for her to read. It was a real miracle. I feel like we contacted so many people and no one really wanted anything but God blessed us with helping us find other people. God has seen our effort and he blessed us! I love this area so much. The ward is great and they are so willing to help us out. I LOVE MY MISSION!! I am working so hard and everynight I come home and in less than 2 seconds I am out after I lay down but I wouldn´t have it any different. I love my mission!!
I love you so much and I know that the blessings are there. Maybe you can´t see them but I can. We are all progressing together and I can see your testimonies growing so much. There was an article in the January Liahona that I want you all to read but I can´t remember what it is called. It is about animals. Give Rain a big hug from me! I have a picture of her and sky that I look at and it makes me sad but I think that is how it goes. I love you all so much! Look for the blessings everyday because they are there.
Cuenta tus bendiciones! Hasta luego muchás!!!
Les amo y les deseo lo mejor esta semana!! Elder Colton Llewelyn