Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family!!!! Whoo!!! Well your I feel like I`m am missing out on a lot of fun. Horse rides for hours , watching the water spill over and having to only walk like 20 feel and your on the dock!! I really hope it is like that when I get home!! Well we have a new mission president! I have not met him yet but he is official as of today!! We went to the temple this morning and it was the most amazing thing ever. Really that place is amazing! and I understood everything is Spanish! Whoo!! I hope everything is going great back at home! It sounds like life is going pretty good! Thank you so much Alyce for the package! It probably won`t be here until the next change conference which is in three weeks! We are half way through this change! I really don`t want to leave my area because I love it. But Alyce to answer your question... No... There is absolutely no animals. It is quite sad actually. I have mountains by my house and I wonder sometimes what is in them but I have not seen a thing. I see goats that hang out in front of the church everymorning. There is the occasional pig and a duck every now and then. It is kinda sad but they have this bird up north that is called the quetzal. It is very rare and you will find it in some of the paintings of King Noah and Abinidi. It is beauiful and everything is named after it. haha.
Well we are working with this kid named Carlos right now. He is awesome and he has been going to seminary for a while now!! Whoo!! We talk him the Plan of Salvation this week and he had questions about the law of chastity... that is always fun. haha we are also working with Brother Alvarez`s wife! That means we will have baptized a family!! It really is amazing to see the change in their lives. They have a son who is handicapped and life is a little stressful for them but they are so much happier now that they have the gospel in their lives. I love this family and I hope I`m here to see her baptized!
Well yes there has been a lot of changes and a lot of changes are to come! It has been a hard 2 changes but so rewarding. I love this work and I love this place. Minus the smells... and the scary dogs. Thank you family for all the support. This would be very hard with out your emails everyweek and you do not know how much they mean to me!! I love you family!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father`s Day and Happy Anniversary! I would first like to start off by saying dad I love you so much. There is one thing that I can`t stop doing on my mission and it`s thinking about you dad. I hope one day you will realize the impact you have made in my life. There are some very dark days in my mission where I just feel like it`s time to come home and the first thing I think about is you. You really are the biggest strength in my mission. I love you and I hope that you had a really good father`s day. Second if you didn`t do anything for your anniversary I hope you still had "fun". hahaha.... If you are thinking right now... he`s a missionary and shouldn`t be saying this... Well I`m still Colton Llewelyn and I make the joke that we should be handing out more chastity pamphlets especially to the dogs.
The white handbook it states do not be preoccupied with writing your family everyweek!! How can I not!!! My family is the best thing in the world!!! This is the thing that keeps me going so please keep on sending them! Well if you were wondering! MY HALF BIRTHDAY AND 4 MONTH MARK ARE ON THURSDAY!! This week was pretty good! We found two people who are ready to be baptized but one has work on Sunday and the other is 16.... Which makes things difficult but this week we will make them a for sure date!! I was also thinking that for my half birthday I am going to go all out and buy a Fanta grape flavored in the glass bottle and maybe buy some Tortrix to top it off!
Today while shopping in WalMart I recieved some very good advice from a 67 year old man. He said,"Woman are like the ocean." I feel that one day he will be famous for this saying... haha ok he just talked to us for 30 minutes. That`s the way in Guatemala. If they see a gringo (white person) that is preaching the gospel they think that means they just want to talk about Jesus so they talk, just them, for an hour. I can usually get in a word but it is usually adios. It is very rainy here. It rains everyday and the streets turn into rivers. I like to imagine myself frolicking in the street but no we just contact houses and they usually look at us like we are crazy. Your standing in a river asking if you can come into my house.
Well I love you very much family and I hope all is well with everyone!! Have a good week and thank you for sending the photos of the cabin!! That really is the craziest thing! I wish I was there to see it but I`m here in Guatemala preaching the word!!!!

Elder Llewelyn

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 16, 2011

(We told Colton that the lake is really high at Scofield so......)

That is unreal! I want to see a picture of the lake! It`s never been like that before! I love Scofield and I look at the picture often of that great place! Well family! This week has been really great as usual. We had not a lot of success but we are hoping that this week is going to be better. But don`t worry Brother Alvarez is doing great. His wife fed us this week and it was really good! We had beef rice ooo and my favorite fried platinos! They really are a grand treat down here. I have also grown a hefty liking to green mangoes. They are unripe mangoes and you put lime and salt on them. Super rico!! I also heard the new Britney Spears song on the bus today! It is always a heavenly treat to hear those songs. I know I`m horrible but I have grown very fond of Justin Bieber on my mission. Every time I get on the bus I get to dance to Baby! The latinoes in my district love the song and they like to sing it with their accents.
Ok I didn`t realize how uneventful my week was until I started writing.... Well you win some and you lose some I guess! We are working with the 17 year old girl and she is really excited about the church and she`s told all the members she wants to be baptized but she still hasn`t told us. We try and go by her house but she`s never there! Well I love you family and thank you for all the support. I feel it when the times get hard!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Baptism

 Well everything went really really well at the baptism. I had to baptize him 4 times if you were wondering. Alejandro Alverez Chub was his name. We are now working with his wife. She will be baptized shortly I hope. I hope I looked skinny in my photos. I felt like I didn`t but I go somewhere and everyone tells me how much weight I`ve lost! This is for my future wife. I hope everything is going well at the house.   Well after the baptism we went to some appointments. We saw I kind sir sitting on the grass with his dog so we started to talk to him. We sat down with him and we were teaching about the restoration. Well about 5 minutes in I started to feel a little bit on my finger... That dang ant. and then I felt another and another. I sat in an ant hill... I had to run back and take a shower. Bahahaa! That was a funny experience! Oh and if you were wondering, alcohol makes a Guatemalan know english. Everytime a drunk man stops us he stops us in english. But when they talk to us sober it is in Spanish. Oh alyce!! I need to learn some recipes using a just a stove! Help me! I can`t eat pasta everyday! haha! I love you tons family! I hope all is well and if not, remember, you could have flees like me! haha I love you family! I love my mission and I love this work! Oh and if you were wonder! I made it past my 100 days and my first change all in one week!! I love you!