Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Amazing Coban

Well Coban is still amazing are the most beautiful place on Earth. We had a really good week this week! It is weird to think that all this happened in one week because it feels like it has been forever but it has been a good week. Tuesday we were supposed to have a Zone Conference with Elder Amado the 2nd counselor of the Area Presidency but in Salama there was all these holes in the road a the road collapsed and we will just say that it was a rough trip for President and Sister Watts. We ended up having to do divisions with the Elders from the Polochic because well they live 8 hours from Coban because the roads are horrible so I took my companion for the day to some parts where they speak Kekchi. We walked for about an hour until we reached a little village of some Kekchi people. It was really cool to listen to them all speak Kekchi. I only could pick out a couple words that I am learning but that is my goal right now is to work on my Kekchi. haha It is beautiful. Oh and I got to spend a lot of time with Elder Cheney and it was the greatest. He is the best companion I have had, and I think that is just because we started this thing out together but it was fun. He is loving the Polochic but he just hikes and hardly showers because well you can`t always find a shower over there.
The next day was the Zone Conference and it was awesome to hear from Elder Amado. He is a great guy and well he can talk. We were there from 9 until 3 in the afternoon. It was pretty crazy but it was a really good conference. We also found a family that has a lot of good questions but only the husband. The wife can only speak Kekchi but they both have a desire to get baptized. It is a little difficult because it is hard for them to understand everything but she is just going by what she feels and that is the purest form. We also had to go to the Central of Coban to a thing that was like the DMV. A lot of lines for different things. haha is was pretty funny. We are helping a couple get married so they can get baptized and we had to get some of their papers. It was a good time and after we ate at Pollo Campero for free!! Whoo!! It is the KFC of Guatemala and well Guatemalans loves them some fried chicken.
We have a baptism this week!! I am excited for that. There are three 8 year olds getting baptized from the ward and then we have one investigator but all the families have asked us to come over and teach their 8 year olds so has been quite a week! But our investigator is super ready. He has a strong testimony and it has only taken this long because he just barely turned 18 and his parents wouldn`t sign the papers and he just had his birthday!! It is awesome. His name is Pablo Oxom. (in english Pablo Ochom) His name is kekchi.
I love my area! I love my mission! OHHH I also completed 8 months! TIme is flying by crazy fast. I still feel very new but there are a lot of people who are newer then me which is interesting to think about!
Well I love you family!! I hope all is well and know that I love you all! Les amo y no se precupen, Elder Llewelyn es practicamente endigeno!! haha I am practically native now! I climb through jungles and just have a good time!! haha

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