Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, October 17, 2011

COBAN in the Highlands!

Hello my wonderful family!!
I AM IN COBAN!!! The most amazing place in the world. Alright so I will start from Wednesday so you guys don`t miss anything! Well Wednesday was change conference and I was announced to go to Coban. I was freaking out a little bit just because, well you all know me, the unknown scares the poop out of me. We hopped on a bus to take us to the Capital of Guatemala where we were to get on a bus that would take us here to Coban. We left from the Cap at 1. The whole way there I was just wondering what on Earth was going on. I had a friend that was going back to Coban, well not really Coban it`s salama, but he was just telling me all about it. I was excited because they told me there was a McDonalds and well... I needs me some Big Mac. The drive took a little while longer than I had a expected and we didn`t get to the ZL´s house until 7. We got here and I was taken back. It was a city but very different from the City I am used to. It has small streets with small shops everywhere and there is a huge mall right in the entrance of Central Coban. Well the best news is coming... Elder Nelson is my ZL!! He got a change from Coban and we were thinking we wouldn`t see each other for a while but he got a change from Peten to Coban and he is my ZL!! It was the best reunion anyone has every seen! After everyone had arrived we all went to this restaurant to eat and after we all spent the night. We woke up and we went to my area. It wasn`t too far from the house and my companion is really great. His name is Elder Opazo. He is from Chile and we have the same time in the mission but he just has more time in the field, well because he didn`t have to learn a new language. We got to the house and I was very surprised. It is really nice. Maybe not like you guys think is nice but from Guatemala missionary nice. I have a nice shower with hot water which is a nice plus and it`s running water which makes it even better!
We started right off and my companion took me around to meet some of the people here. It is amazing!!!! My area has a little bit of the central and city but then it goes way out. It is huge and it is a third jungle. It is beautiful and so that you all can imagine it, Imagine you are walking down the street of gooseberry but with more people on the street but the houses are all on the hills, woman are wearing their corte and carrying tortilla dough on their heads. It is amazing. It is so green and muddy. It rained every single day and I`m sorry but I had to buy me a guatemalan umbrella. It is double umbrella and it covers my whole entire body. It is pretty great. My boots are amazing here especially when I have to walk in mud at night when I can`t see a thing. The ward here is amazing. The houses are very different here. They are still made of cement but they all have tall roofs which is very different from the cap. The don`t have many houses of lamina just mainly wood if they can`t afford block. sorry cement. The speak Kekchi here but most speak Spanish because they are trying to perfect their spanish but I am learning a little bit of kekchi. The ward is amazing and the work is great. People are very accepting and they let us in the house. We contacted a little store in the middle of no where and she told us to come back on Sunday at 7 in the morning. We weren`t sure if she was really wanting us to come back but we went anyway right before church. Her husband and her let us in and they seem like they have potential. He has a problem with drinking and we just talked about the plan God has for us. It was great. We have a baptism on the 29th of a teenager who is pilas. He has come to church 11 times and he is just ready.
Today was another great experience. Tomorrow we are going to a conference here in Coban and so all the people from the Polochic had to come down today!! I saw and ate Subway with Elder Cheney today!!!!!!! It was amazing and he is loving the Polochic. His spanish is suffering he told me but that is just because he only speaks Kekchi. He is only in jungle and he told me that there are times when he can`t make it back at night and he just has to stay at members houses. I don`t want to go there but he seems to really like it. hahaha he told me that sometimes they can`t shower and well he has given up on trying to find deodorant over there so... haha he is great.
I want to all to know I love where I am. It is a wonderful place and I know that I need to be here. I am in Coban 2 and in the Coban 2 ward. It is a ward and it seems very strong. The teenagers always are willing to go out with us and it is just a nice area. I couldn`t have asked for a better change and it is crazy to think that all the poop that happened last changed happened becaue I am so hapy where I am. Know I Love you all so much and that I am so grateful for the support you have given me. I couldn`t ask for a better family.

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