Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy Week

Hello Family!!

Well from everyone`s emails it sounds like this week went pretty good! This week was a little strange it kind of felt like we were living on an episode of one of those MTV Reality Tv Shows... haha. This district is a little crazy but I am hoping today will fix some things.

This week was also just a little strange in general. We had a rough time finding people to teach and the days seemed very long. Although I was told 1,000 times that the people down here already know God and they are content. It was a little rough hearing that so many times because I know that there is more for them waiting they just haven`t quite accepted it!! We are going to work even harder this week I hope and we are going to see some more people who are ready to hear this gospel.
I also had my ward mission leader sing to me this week one of my personal favorites, My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas... It is funnier when they have an accent! haha it was really funny. This ward is pretty funny in general. I am really good friends with a lot of the people here and I love my area. It is going to be hard to leave but it will also be cool to experience more of the mission and meet the different people here!!
Yesterday we had to stay in all day because of the elections because I heard it is a little crazy on these days. So we just stayed in all day and our garage has now turned into a tortillaria!! Whoo! It is just girls that make tortillas all day. It is pretty great because I get tortillas at anytime I want!
Well I am hoping that this week is a little better in the work departments. I love this work and I love who I am here. I am learning so much and my testimony is growing everyday. I know Jesus Christ lives and has an everlasting love for everyone. Thank you family for all the love and support! Elder Colton Chapin Llewelyn

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