Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coltons Letter, April 5, 2011

Sounds like Colton had a very fun week.....

WOOOO!!!! I just got home from the marcado central!!! It was the most insane thing ever!! Dad I have some pictures you will appreciate. We first went to a 3d map that was huge. It was mapped by Guatemalan Surveyors and it is a whole 150 foot long map that shows all the elevation of everthing in Guatemala!! It was so insane!! Elder Rogers one of the supervisors here told us about how the Book of Mormon fit into Guatemala! I am currently in the Land of Nephi if you were wondering and there were maps of where all the ruins are and most of them are in my mission but I won´t be close to any volcanos which is a little disappointing because Elder MeoƱo has them all in his mission. After the map we went to the market. The people were the greatest and a drunk man wanted to know my thoughts on Albert Einstein I told him he was bueno. I didn´t understand a word he was saying and his spanish was worse because he was drunk and had one tooth. I was also laughed at by a crazy man across the street. He told me he was already going to Heaven. I respected him. The market is the greatest place to be. If you come down Dad and Alyce just know that we are going there. The food looks crazy but the mangos and avocados are the size of a newborns head. Literally I saw a newborn next to one. There was dried fish and a huge pig head just sitting out and it smelled of death and wrotting cheese. I got some pretty great stuff for way cheap. Everything is cheap I bought a knitted poncho for sixty quetz which would probably be around 6 american dollars. I wish I could have gotten you all something but I´ll be able to at the end of my mission. Hannah I was looking at some great bags that is all the rage down here and I hope you like it when I get it for you!! Next we went to the mall which is a nicer mall then in North America. It was 4 stories and my district ate at Chili´s!! WHOO!! We have the place to ourselves till tomorrow afternoon when new latino and n. americans come!! It was a little sad saying goodbye to all the latinos because they were some of the greatest people. We had one last piamatha which is a sleepover in spanish. I got the coolest soccer jersey and I will have  you know that I am now a fan of the beautiful game. We were in Chili´s and everyone was going crazy!! Go Madrid! Well this week has also been one of the most spiritual weeks here. Conference was amazing and it was literally Christmas. I got so much out of it that I would never have gotten out of it unless I was a missionary. I know that the Prophet and Apostles are the mouth pieces for the Lord and I know that we can get our answers from them. My favorite talk was C. Scott Grow´s about the Atonement and I especially loved Elder Bednars. He always gives a good message and that is the second time I´ve heard him talk about the Spirit in that context and I know that is what I needed to here. I love you family so much. I love your letters and I want you to know how much I appreciate them. My week is brightened when I get them. Thank you for letting for the example you are all to me. Alyce thank you for your letter. I don´t know when I got it but thank you for worrying about me. I don´t need anything down here. Hermana Steimle takes really good care of us and she makes sure we are all safe. That is the beauty of it down here. The president and his wife know us each by name and know who we are. The are amazing people. I love you so much family!! If this is posted on my blog tell my friends that I don´t have a clue when they will get their letters but they´re are sent!!! I love you all so much and I love this gospel!! I love the people I met down here even the one who smacked my are today and called my a gringo!! haha they are 4 feet tall down here. They have nothing on me.
Elder Llewelyn

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