Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Week

THANK YOU S o much for the pics!!! They were so great!!! I felt a sense of relief and yes alee... I feel that every wednesday. but today tuesday because of HOly week... The temple is always good. my comp and I decided to go spanish again and it was just us and andrew and his comp and the hermanas everyone else went english. Spanish is coming along great and the next time I write to you I´ll be in The real guatemala!!! I´m getting pretty excited. Sorry that this email might be a little shorter which shouldn´t matter since you´re all off partying in Cali!! WHOOO!!! Well yesterday we went contacting again and it was yet again the best experience ever. We had 14 references and people are so open and interested in what we have to say about God. It really is amazing. I love the people down here. Oh and hannah... the bag is very chic. very. Tell the happy couple congrats and Suzy looked beautiful! My new sister. who would have thought I would get three sisters in two years... It´s like christmas! Well family I hope you have having some good times and thank you so much for all you do! OH I forgot! I got your package and I forgot that Easter wasn´t here yet so I opened it... Sorry!! I love it though and thank you so much!! Tell grandparents I say hi!! Oh and make sure everyone knows my new address!!
5th Avenida 5-55 Edificio Euro Plaza, Torre 2
15 Nivel, Oficina 1504, Zona 14 (guatemalan computers don´t have an enter bar... new line.) Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.(new line) Guatemala.... Well that is my mission home address. Thank you all for your awesome letters and I hope next week I can make the emails more personal because I will have more time on the computer... or maybe I will have no electricity so tough luck for me!! Oh we watched a video last week of the north mission and some apartments look native!! WHOOO!!! I´m so excited and I can´t wait to tell you all the cool things and all the new friends I meet!! Well family thank you for everything and I expect another email next week!!

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