Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Week of MTC

This will be the last of the emails till next monday. My new p day is monday so SURPRISE!! I still haven´t left. I leave tomorrow at 8 in the morning to the mission home with everyone. I´m super duper excited I can´t wait for this to finally start. Well my latin companion is still not nice. I call him 50 cent but he doesn´t understand. He´s a thug and wants to shank me. Haha just kidding he´s humble when he needs help and then he´s just thug the rest of the times. I´m only a little nervous because I don´t want to live in a house made of monkey skin, oh and one area takes 9 hours to get to and I don´t think that sounds like fun driving in a bus for 9 hours unless I convert like 12 people but I can´t afford that many BOM so.... Pray for me!! Oh that is a lie I want to live in a house like that. I want to be out of the city because I don´t want the noise anymore, and the bug bites. At least there they will spray the windows and sheets here in the CCM I just have to live with being able to draw Orion´s belt on my foot. I hope everything went fun in California. I´m sure it did but I´m sure you all missed seeing me in a swimsuit. What was the weather like and my friend Elder Willardson, Andrew´s Companion, wants to know what side of Coronado is Carrie´s house. Thank you so much for the Easter!!! Best Easter I think I´ve ever had. We watched El Salvador Del Mundo which was amazing. It was Nephi´s vision of the Savior´s birth in spanish and there was good music to it and it was just great. I hope I get the chance next week to finally send some pictures in an email and I hope that you got the scripture I wanted. I didn´t get mail last week because of Holy Week so I just got mail from two weeks ago today and I don´t know how mail is going to work...  Oh and that address I think is wrong.. whoops. It was the one on my luggage and I´m not sure it´s right. It is in my missionary book! Well Happy Easter family and I hope you had as good of a day as I did. I love you so much and I can´t to tell you all about the Jaguars and Monos... Les amo a mi familia. Gracias por su ejemplo y por su amor. Gracias por su suporte y su diligencia en las cartas. Este Iglesia is verdadero y Jesucristo sufrió mucho para nosotros. Love you all!!

Elder Llewelyn

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