Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Friday, April 15, 2011

Coltons Letter, April 13, 2001

My family!! Well I have now written an outline for this letter!! I hope that it makes it go by faster so I can get everthing I want to tell you and maybe I can answer all your questions!! Yay!! Haha well Dad you seemed to have the most questions which is good because it gave me a reason to make an outline. Well the CCM is small but really nice. Everything is really nice and we have a big gym and two basketball courts all to ourselves. We get to go everymorning. There are about less than 60 of us. The food is great and the hermanas that cook are the greatest. Plantinos and frijoles. The temple is beautiful and we get to walk up there two or three times a week and across the street is a think called CRE it is an house that the church has bought and it is just rooms with couches and we have our progressive investigators and we are filmed and we watch our progress. Last week we went exploring around the CRE house and we went on the room... it was great. Across the street is the distribution center so the church owns a ton of stuff around here and the only thing keeping it all from being the churches from the CCM to the temple is a gas station. Mail really does come only once a week and i´ve realized all your dear elders I think are a week behind me. You can email me if you want and I will print it out and just turn it off... i know. it´s cheating but it works. Haha. Well I think I want Moroni 9:6 for my plaque. I didn´t realize how long ago you wrote that. Sorry... This outline thing will work better. Tell grandma and grandpas that I can write them on email. I write grandma and grandpa goff every week so I can be more instant with everyone now. I really like the blog Idea and i hope everyone isn´t sick of hearing how much I love Guatemala. Everyone sounds like they are staying pretty active!! Lacrosse, horse back riding... lake powell... oh how I miss lake powell.  I think I get an hour to write out in the field. That was to answer hannah sorry my outline sucks. Well here is some of the small events in the week... I passed the sacrament to Elder Hinckley. He came to Guatemala and spent a sacrament with us and gave us a Devotional after. It was incredible. It was like seeing President Hinckley. I did a Spanish session in the temple... That was crazy cool. Everything was hard and I felt like my brain was going to explode because I was translated sentence after sentence. Oh and our mission presidents came this week!! Pres. Torres and his wife are amazing people. They are so nice and they talked a lot about how much the people are accepting, but then we had a safety meeting two days later. Bahaha. I thought that was funny. And now for the best thing to talk about!!! I´m getting a new sister tomorrow!! I want some pictures in an email so bad!! I´m so excited I´ll wear an extra nice tie and it´ll be like Im there!! Have fun tomorrow family and I´m happy to say that my brother is fulfilling the theme of General Conference. Oh and don´t expect me single for long when I get home, it´s a commandment. haha it´s a good thing I promise. Well family I love you all so much. Thank you for everything and I can´t wait to hear from you tonight when I get the Dearelders! Felizidades Suzy on going through the temple. Maybe we can go through a spanish session when I get home. I feel like I can only relate to you now because we are both latin. Haha just kidding but I love you all and have fun tomorrow!!!!! I wish I was there so bad to see my brother get sealed but hey I know that we can go to the temple for eternity!! WOOO the gospel is true.

Elder Llewelyn

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