Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, December 5, 2011

Out of Power!

Hello famiy!!!
Well you all sound like you are doing really well! I understand that sometimes you think your lives are boring but here is the thing! I want to know what you all are up to! Hannah thank you for the details. I would also like to make sure you all know that I love you very much. I have felt so much support from everyone and it really makes things so much better because on those days that are rough, I always know I have my family right there, all of you! Oh and today I heard Taylor Swift in McDonalds. haha
Well a lot has happened this week and first I would like to tell you the story about what happens in Guatemala when the power goes out. Well I went a day with out power, and you may all be thinking, a day with out power? That is not a big deal. Well my water in my shower is heated by electricity. Ask me how that went. If you can imagine, ok I don`t want you to imagine me in the shower but I was in and out. Haha it was a pretty funny day. It was really cold outside and that night we went to a place in my area called Chinimlajom. It is about 30 minutes from the house by foot and with out any lights lighting the way. It was a little frightening let me just tell you! I was in the jungle with out lights. The bright side to this story is we went there to teach Marcia who was baptized on Friday! haha ok it was a bad situation just really funny. We didn`t have anything to cook because well we couldn`t cook so we ordered Dominos. haha that was a real treat!!
We also had the baptism of Marcia like I mentioned. We had to teach her all the commandments this week so we had to visit her everyday. We had some really good lessons with her and it was amazing to see how much she understood why we do what we do. She shared her appreciation a lot with us and she really is an amazing convert to the church. Yesterday after she was confirmed she took the sacrament and as she sat waiting for it to be over she started to read the book of mormon. She can`t read spanish very well so it is a slow process but her desire to know is amazing. The gospel really does make people have a desire and it changes peoples lives.
Also yesterday was the Christmas devotional and we went around inviting everyone to go. We had an investigator that was referred to us by a guy in the ward. We taught her once and she said she would really like to go to the devotional. I couldn`t think of anything more perfect than having someone who is not of our church listen to the prophet talk about the birth of the savior! It was amazing and I hope you all watched it! The mary in it was pretty by the way. haha
Well that was my week! It was a little long and a lot of work but it was great! This Sunday we are going to the stake to watch the Temple in Quetzaltenango be dedicated and it is going to be great! I am super excited and Pres. Uchtdorf is going to be down here in Guatemala!! Whoo!! I am really excited and the people are so excited to have a second temple in their country! It even came out in the Guatemalan news paper as "Mormon Temple Open House!" haha
Well I love you family! Thank you for all you do!! Stay happy! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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