Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Staying in Coban Again.....Wahoo!

Hellooo Family!!!
All of your letters were so amazing and I feel the same about you all!! It was amazing to talk to you all and I am super blessed to have a family like you! I am doing really good we are starting a new change! My companion has a change to the capital and well I am TRAINING!! Whoo!! I am super excited! I am leaving today at 4 to the capital and then I am going to the temple tomorrow and then I will be going to some training classes and then I will be meeting the missionary I am training!! I am super super excited and I feel pretty good because I will still be here in Coban!!
This week has been pretty good except for my companion was sick all week and I had to leave with Priests to go and work. It was alright but it was a little hard. But we met a whole bunch of new people and Marcia`s brother came down from the Polochic and we are starting to teach him! Whoo!! I am feeling pretty good and I am loving the new change. It was a little weird helping my comp pack last night just because you get accustomed to things the way they are. This means I will be here in Coban for 2 more changes and that is the best news I could here!! Hopefully for more but we will see!
You all sound like you are doing really good and I hope that you are all happy and loving school!! My friends are all getting married so I hope you all know I need to fit in so help me out. Maybe you could make business cards with all my dats yo!! Haha but really help me out! I love you all family! I will tell you how everything goes into play!!
 Love Elder Colton Llewelyn

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