Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm a Trainer!

HIII Family!!!!
Alright before I want to clear some confusion up. Brett Paulsen is not my companion he just entered and we have been friends for a while. It was awesome to see him but we are not companions!! Haha well this week was amazing!! I feel a little weird because well I still feel new and I am training someone new, but it is really cool and pretty fun. My new companion is Elder Salguero. He is from Peru and is straight from the CCM here in Guatemala. He doesn`t even have a month in the mission so it is a little different.
Monday after I wrote you guys I went to the bus station with Elder Opazo and we got to the Capital at 9. Then I had a sleep over with Andrew haha it was super fun and it really is the best having a cousin on the mission. You just kind of feel like your at home when you are with them. The next morning we went to the temple and the Area Presidency was in the session with us. It was really cool!! Whoo put that in your journals. haha just kidding but I did. After we had a training meeting with the new elders and we got to know them and I saw Brett!! Whoo talk about feeling like you are at home. It was kind of weird being with someone and I think I have forgotten how to act a little but it was pretty fun!! And after we found out who is our companions and we went back to the houses to wait for the next day to come to Coban!
We had some good days this week but it is always different trying to get accustomed to a companion and it was a weird saying adios to Elder Opazo but it is alright! You just need to do it. I am really excited for these next 2 changes. I am already learning a lot by being a trainer and it is going to be pretty fun. I am really excited because we are trying to focus ourselves on finding families and we are planning on doing activities for three months! I am really excited and I presented the idea alone in front of the Ward Council yesterday... let`s just say we had some people crying. OOofff pilas!! Haha and also Marcia brought her brother from the Polochic to receive the lessons and it is pretty amazing. It is amazing to hear them talk in Kekchi and it is amazing to see a new convert bear her testimony and try and help him figure out to truth. This work is amazing and full of miracles. We are going to set fire to this area!! Whoo!! haha alright well I love you family so much! Thank you for everything!

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