Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

11 Months....What the freak!

Dear Family!!!
Happy 11 months!! What the freak! I can`t believe it either. This time is passing way to fast and it makes me a little nervous but I guess that is how things are. This week was amazing! We had a lot of people in church and it was just a good week! Everyone else sounds like they had a good week also. It makes me a little sad that there is not a lot of snow but I think that just means the sky is waiting for me to get home and after we can go snowboarding and all that jazz.
Well this week started out really amazingly! On Tuesday, we went to visit a family that we have recently found and we showed up and everyone was very excited. We begin to talk about the Book of Mormon and I asked them if they have read. They all said yes they had read 3 Nephi 11. She began to explain what she had read and then she asked us about baptism. She asked how long does she have to wait to be baptized! We told her that she can get baptized when she wants. We put a baptismal date for February 18th!! I am super excited!! It is crazy all the small miracles that happen here in the mission. I can`t believe it! Also we talked to Marcia (the Kekchi that we baptized) and we are getting her ready to go do baptisms for the dead!! She is pretty excited but a little nervous. She doesn`t speak much spanish and so it is hard for her to understand everything all at once so we need to review some of the things but she is happy which makes me very happy! Her family lives in the Polochic where Elder Cheney is serving and he is going to go meet her family because she wants them to go up and teach them! So I got to call Elder Cheney! It was the best! He is doing really good and we are just growing up so fast!
I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I personally like the one where Derek is sticking out his tongue. He is probably my best friend here. My companion is getting used to things, he is still getting accustomed to some things but that is how it is! It is weird to see someone just barely starting out because I feel like I am just barely starting out!! haha
Well I love you family!! Keepin it real from Guate!! Chaqui la quip!!

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