Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back on Track

My wonderful family! It was amazing to hear from you and how everything is going over there. The cruise sounded amazing and it made me really excited for my honeymoon... haha. Oh and it made me happy that you saw Eden... tell her hi from me because she doesn´t feel like writing anymore!
Well family... this week was amazing. It flew like literally flew. I feel like I had just written and now I am here again writing. I think it is because we are working like crazy people here. Here is the scoop on what is going down here in China town/ Santa Luisa.
We are now having to contact door to door for like 4 hours because we do not have any investigators. It is probably the coolest thing ever. We are just finding all these new people to teach and everything is super new to both of us. The members here are amazing and they have been helping us out a ton. We are having a baptism this saturday which is a miracle in itself! It is an older couple that have been receiving the missionaries for about a month now. They are amazing people and they want to be part of the church so bad. They understand really well except for the wife. It is a little hard teaching her because she can´t grasp everything but she knows she needs to get baptized! She has told me many times and it is amazing to see their faith. 
I am loving my area. It is completely different from Coban. I am walking on cement roads and everything is so much faster here. It kind of stresses me out because there is so much noise and I was not used to that. The ward is also a lot smaller. There are only about 100 active members and the area is a little bit harder. The people aren´t super receptive but the Lord has really blessed us. We now have 4 investigators that we had to find because the other elders left the area a little dead but it is amazing to see the difference. I feel like I have never worked so hard because we are trying to talk to everyone.   
I would also like to share an amazing experience that happened to Elder Kilts and I.
Well we had just gotten done with contacting for 3 hours and we were kind of getting tired but we decided to go a little more. We got to a house and there was a 23 year old guy that opened the door and we presented ourselves and he let us come in. We began to start the lesson and we started talking about Jesus Christ and how his atonement helps us forget what we have done and move forward. I felt prompted to invite him to be baptized and so I did. He said yes and that was the first time I have ever invited in the first lesson. It was amazing and I am super blessed to be here. I feel like I am starting this area back up but it is awesome to see the change in it since we started a week ago.
Well I love you family and I hope you have an amazing week!!
Love you, Elder Llewelyn

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