Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sorry, Alyce is a slacker.....and forgot to post last week.

Hello my dear family!!!
Well I write you today a little tired as well as late but I am writing. Today we took another trip to Semuc Champey and it was a really long trip. It was muddy and our van wouldn`t make it up some of the hills and streets so we had to keep getting out and pushing. It was a little rough but we got there and let me tell you, it is still beautiful the second time. We didn`t go on the hike because a couple of us have already gone so two other elders and I went straight to the pools and let the fish suck on our feet. haha it sounds super weird and yes it was but it was way funny. We would stick our feet in the pool and the fish would come up and suck on our feet. There were hundreds all over our feet. It was pretty funny!! but weird I know. I also met a whole bunch of people from Europe today which was interesting and well, I remember that in the States and Europe you don`t talk to random strangers. If you are really friendly you do but here in Guatemala everyone talks with everyone and I have grown accustomed to saying hi to everyone I pass. haha!! Hi I`m Elder Llewelyn and I am socially weird now.
Everyone sounds like they are doing really good and that Jackson Hole was really awesome. I loved the pictures of the elk. I was talking about the elk hunt last night with the other elders and today I get to see that amazing picture! Whoo!! The week over here in Coban went really well. Probably one of the more stressful ones but it was great. We are doing a lot of walking and stopping everyone we see in the street but we had very little success with contacting. So we decided to make sure we were contacting the referrels that we had and we found two new families that are very humble and pretty receptive! It was amazing!! We went and visited a family that the sisters told us they had contacted. We found them and went to their house to teach a lesson. When we got to there little house he began to tell us who God is to him. It made me have an appreciation for these people and how everyone has an amazing belief in Christ. Him and his wife live alone and he lost his job. He is looking for work and some help in his life and well, the gospel helps the life part but that is the most important.
Well I am very tired but this week I get to rest. In the new training program my companion is now in charge for a whole week. I get to rest!! Whoo!! Two more sundays in this area... maybe. We never know but I can feel it but we don`t know still but it is flying!!
Well Family I must go but know I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do and have an amazing week and talk to you soon!
Love Elder Colty Llewelyn

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