Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another great week!

Dear Dear Family!!
Well I have almost hit one year and it feels really really weird. I can`t believe a year ago we went to Chuch A Rama to have my last lunch with you all. It is really weird but I know this year is going to go by really quickly. I feel like this year has passed by quickly so I can`t imagine what this year will hold but I know it is going to be great! You all sound like you are doing really well and that makes me happy. Sounds like you are also working pretty hard! Monuments. To tell you the truth, nope haven`t missed them one bit. Hahaha well maybe just the family time but the other part where we dig and dig and we never would reach the depth we needed, yeah, don`t miss it much. haha
Well this past week wasn`t much of an adventure except I got sick one day! haha I ate something bad and lost a little bit of weight but don`t worry I ate a whole half of a pizza today so I think I gained it back. Also Elder Nelson is now assistant. He is missed but at least I get to see him every change in conferences and stuff until he goes home!! Whoo!! A lot has changed here in Coban and it is very interesting to be the missionary that has been here in Coban the longest well along with another Elder but it is still weird. When this kind of stuff happens you can just feel that you are next. haha I don`t want to leave Coban at the end of this change but I have a feeling it might happen. The ward is preparing themselves. I love this ward and I have many friends here and it is weird to feel that your time with them is slowly coming to an end but when I say slowly I mean like really fast.
Alright besides me completeing one year this week we are also having a family baptism!!!!!! Whoo I am super excited. I don`t know if you remember the email I sent you about this family Gutierrez and how the husband accepted a baptismal date, but it is that family and I am super super excited! The dad, mom and their daughter Raquel are all getting baptized on Saturday and it really is going to be an amazing week but a little stressful I can already feel it. Baptism weeks are always pretty crazy because that is when Captain Adversary comes in a tries to take over! Pray for this family, Family!! It really has been amazing teaching them and helping them change their lives! I am blessed to be able to see all of this and be an instrument in the Lord`s hands.
We have also been working really hard with the Rax Pop family and we put goals to help the dad get over his addiction as well as help the family be more supportive of him. It has been amazing to help them but this week was a little hard. He drank twice and he felt the remorse from doing it. His wife, Maria, is a very sweet lady and she is trying really hard to help him do all of this. I was reading an article in the Liahona and it talked about how addiction makes really good liars. I thought about that and I can see that Carlos, the father, has become really good and doing what he is doing but I can see that he is really trying to humble himself. The twins are 9 years old and they both put the goal to go to church and pray for their dad. It was a really good lesson and the family is finally finding this light that the Gospel brings.
Alright well family! I love you and keep praying for me and our investigators this week and I know they will be baptized! Thank you for all you do family and the smile you bring to my face always! Keep it real and give hugs not drugs!!
Elder Colton Hymer Smitten Glooben.

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