Colton at Provo MTC

Colton at Provo MTC

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I feel weird....

feel weird because I have just seen the pictures of Elder Nelson and you guys and I think it has just hit me that all the rumors are true, I am still from Utah, and even though I act like a Guatemalan, I am still from Utah. Haha that was the craziest thing to see. Elder Nelson sent me a huge email telling me all about the good chats you had and I heard Hannah called me weird, I don´t know what he told you but don´t believe it. haha
Well another week has passed here in Guatemala and it has been a really really good one. On Tuesday we had the ZL council thing and I learned a ton. Those meetings are super different because you really do feel super involved in the work and President really has put a lot of trust in us and I am really liking it I just hope I can be the best example I can. Like Elder Nelson. I really like how President focused a ton on our worthiness as leaders and it turned out to be a super good meeting and it ended with an amazing lunch, the best I have eaten in 17 months. Sis. Watts is amazing in the kitchen. I ate gravy. I don´t think I have even seen that stuff in 18 months. It was pretty cool because I got to be with Elder Cheney and Elder Willardson from my group that entered in and we all talked about how much we have changed and how crazy and fast everything is. It is amazing how much we have changed. I remember being with them and it is crazy to see how much we have all changed. We are all more boring but in a weird way I can see that we are all a lot more happy. I love my mission. I love the success we are having and how close I feel to the Lord sometimes. I know he is here working with us and it is amazing how strong my testimony has become. 
Yesterday we saw the fruits of our labor. We have been trying really hard to have more progressing investigators and well we gave it our all and it all paid off in the end. We showed up to church yesterday with 3 families and 7 investigators total. All of them are progressing and we even found a new family this week that came to church with us on Sunday. I am so happpy with the way things are going. There are some days that are very hard but things like that just make me know that the Lord is helping and is willing to give these brothers and sisters a push so that they really can change their lives. 
I also received news that my converts are doing really great. Oscar received a calling as ward missionary and he is pretty excited! Not everything is perfect in Zion but there is progress! I love you so much family! Have an amazing week oh and invite Alex over to the house! He came home today!


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